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  • Add years of life to your A/C system and save thousands of dollars
  • Avoid outrageous electric bills by running your A/C more efficient

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What to expect during the Tune Up & Safety Check?

We inspect, clean, and maintain every element of your air conditioning unit with our  24-point inspection making sure it runs at its top efficiency throughout the year. 

1. Test pressure switches

2. Test electrical circuits

3. Inspect starter contact points

4. Inspect all wiring connections

5. Record air temperature across condenser

6. Install gauges and note operating pressures

7. Replace filters

8. Test voltage and current to all motors

9. Record temp across evaporator

10. Rinse accessible condenser coils

11. Test evaporator super heat

12. Lubricate all moving parts

13. Test and adjust thermostat

14. Clean and adjust safety controls

15. Clean burners and controls

16. Clean and adjust pilot assembly

17. Adjust burner for efficiency

18. Inspect for gas leaks in furnace

19. Inspect blower operation

20. Clean condensed drain

21. Inspect flue pipe

22. Adjust dampers

23. Adjust pressure regulator

24. Test crankcase heater

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