Commercial HVAC Maintenance

HVAC maintenance you can depend on…

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

AC Sure Plan offers commercial HVAC maintenance plans in the San Diego to help local businesses and property managers get the most out their HVAC investments. We have developed a maintenance system that will keep your HVAC units working at their peak levels of performance all year round. We  have the experience and expertise to maximizing your investment with a commercial HVAC maintenance plan. Give us a call to get an action plan in place for your HVAC system.

Benefits of Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Keeping your commercial HVAC system properly maintained will save you thousands of dollars over the life of your equipment. AC Sure Plan’s HVAC maintenance plan will keep your system running efficiently through the hottest summer and longest winters San Diego has to offer. We take the time and care to ensure our clients are properly prepared for every season change with our HVAC maintenance service. You HVAC system will be properly service throughout the year to keep up with the changing demands of the climate, and will keep you comfortable year round.

24-Point Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plan


Our AC Sure Plan maintenance service plan offers a 25-point inspection, tune up, and safely checks. Our NATE qualified technicians will thoroughly evaluate your system with the following proven procedure:

  1. Test electrical circuits
  2. Test pressure switches
  3. Inspect starting contactor points
  4. Inspect all wiring connections
  5. Record air temperature across condenser
  6. Install gauges and note operating pressures
  7. Replace filters
  8. Test voltage and current to all motors
  1. Record temp across evaporator
  2. Rinse accessible condenser coils
  3. Test evaporator superheat
  4. Lubricate all moving parts
  5. Test and adjust thermostat
  6. Clean and adjust safety controls
  7. Test performance and operating efficiency
  8. Clean burners and controls
  1. Clean and adjust pilot assembly
  2. Inspect for gas leaks in furnace
  3. Inspect blower operation
  4. Clean condensed drain
  5. Inspect flue pipe
  6. Adjust burner for efficiency
  7. Adjust dampers
  8. Adjust pressure regulator